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The Pepine Realty Way of Culture

Hundreds of agents and countless others have taken our legacy, carried it on, and even built upon it. Today, Pepine Realty is home to some of the most successful, talented, charitable, and inspirational people you’d be lucky to meet.

Bryson Boylan Nov 28, 2018

At Pepine Realty, we value the community and prioritize giving back to those in need. One of our core values is impact. Every day, our team members are challenged to find new ways to help the local and national communities. Whether we are volunteering our time with local children, running toy drives, cleaning up school grounds, organizing pet rescue events, serving meals to the homeless, or donating funds to charities, we strive to invest and make an impact in our community. Betsy Pepine, Broker-Owner of Pepine Realty, has been recognized for her company’s efforts as a Business in the Heart of Gainesville’s Impact Award winner.

Our Pepine Realty Realtors are committed to providing our buyers and sellers with the highest quality of professional real estate services. We offer ultimate Gainesville and Ocala market knowledge and provide the highest level of integrity to meet your needs. Allow us to exceed your expectations, whether you are buying or selling property in Alachua County or Marion County. At Pepine Realty, we make success happen. We are always available for you and can easily schedule an appointment to meet your needs.

Why Celebrate Diversity?

At Pepine Realty, we believe everyone contributes to the team in a different way. People are defined by their lives; their circumstances make them unique. Our Realtors have strengths molded from their past experiences. They use those strengths to aid our community, buyers, and sellers.

You’ll find that what makes our Realtors unique and brings diversity to our team also helps bind us together. We create a balanced ecosystem that highlights everyone’s best assets. We create our own community that caters to every type of customer. Learn about our team and how they define diversity. You’ll see we all have subtle differences that have allowed us to grow into the reliable local real estate company we are today.

Why This Matters for Pepine Commercial

At Pepine Commercial, we embrace diversity and aim to support our community. With those values in mind, our commercial division has the best team possible to assist you with your next commercial venture. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease your commercial space, Pepine Commercial is here for you.

Our Commercial division is comprised of a diverse team of individuals with an increasing pool of networks and resources. Our ties within the community give us connections to individuals in various industries. We have the essential skills and tools to set your next commercial venture up for success. At Pepine Commercial, we want to witness the success of you and your company within the Gainesville area.

Pepine Commercial is the best decision for your commercial real estate needs because you and your business matter to us. Your priorities and needs are important to us. With our experienced and diverse staff of Realtors, knowledge of the industry, and passion for the Gainesville area, we will ensure your needs are met. You will get the greatest return on your investment because of our unique and innovative outlook on commercial real estate and highly qualified team.