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"I've known Betsy Pepine since high school, and I knew she was a highly qualified person to help me when I wanted to expand my medical practice to be a truly integrated medicine center. Betsy heard the vision of my practice, and she heard the vision and listened so well that she found this beautiful healing space located by protected wetlands which is exactly what I wanted so that when patients come they feel like a big hug that they don't have to be stressed in a large hospital-type environment. And so here we are, on the boarder of San Felasco Park. I think that when you use Pepine Realty you'll get customized care, individualized attention, and you know that they have honesty and integrity. ”

Dr. Akey, North Florida Integrative Medical

"She found our house, and it hadn't even been listed yet, and she was like well I've got one that's going to be listed that you guys might like, and we bought it that night. I mean it was great. She paid attention to what we were looking at and kind of had an idea of what we might like so, you know, that's good. She's in tune with exactly what we wanted. So then when I decided and said alright I want to open up a little art gallery coffee house in Micanopy which is where I first opened, I asked Betsy will you look around for some commercial property, and she found the one in Micanopy that's the old Micanopy post office, and it went really well. You know, but again, she was in tune to what I was looking to do. I wanted to start off small and then see where it goes from there, and she was aware of that and found the perfect place, and then when I moved from Micanopy to here which was just this past month Betsy helped me with this property as well. She really cares. She's passionate about you being happy with what you find, and a lot of friends, when we know they're either looking to move or relocate to Gainesville, you know, we always say you gotta call Betsy. She's really the best. Even after, the sale it's like I don't know how many Halloweens did we get a pumpkin from Pepine Realty remembering, hey, you were my customer three years ago and things like that. It's like she creates this, you become part of a family, that's kind of how I feel. ”

Mark Richardson, Somewhere Along the Way

"We started expanding our practice and, in doing so, needed some representation so what we ended up doing was we reached out to a mentor group that I was working with. Upon talking to them it was pretty much a unanimous decision that I should work with Pepine Realty. We started looking into a couple of these new projects, new practices. One was pretty straight forward. I said I just need some help with this, and it was quite fantastic. I was able to contact Betsy, and she just basically took care of the whole thing. She contacted the owners, took care of the contracts, took care of the purchase, pretty much took care of the whole thing where I didn't have to do anything but just pretty much side papers. I only refer to Pepine and Betsy and the rest of their team. They do an outstanding job, and they're the only people I work with now. They totally have my trust and my confidence.”

Dr. Art Mowery, Exceptional Dentistry

"I chose Pepine Realty to help me with my commercial real estate needs because I had worked with them previously on my own homeowners needs, and it was a logical choice to choose them. They're very thorough, professional, and nothing I asked was ever too much. Throughout my conversations with Pepine Realty and Betsy in particular, she listened to what my needs were for my office space and intuitively asked the right questions and helped me locate the proper office space that I needed. What I like best about working with Pepine Realty is the level of responsiveness and professionalism. I have dealt with many Realtors in the past on different projects, and bar none, Betsy's team performed at the highest level. Pepine Realty stands out from other brokerages simply by that level of professionalism and responsiveness. You call them; they return your call as soon as possible. Emails, texts, however you choose to communicate with them, they're very responsive and timely and nothing is too small or too big of a request for them. I would definitely recommend Pepine Realty for any of my colleagues looking for buying or leasing office space, buildings, whatever your needs might be. They're excellent, responsive, professional, and I just don't think you'll find anything better.”

Tish Oleksy, State Farm

"Hi. My name is Byron Teerlink. I went on the church's website and was looking around for recommendations, and I found Pepine Realty, and I checked around and made some phone calls and found out that they sell more real estate in this area than any other company so I called them up and listed my property with them. I had another real estate company that was local here, and they never called me, they never stopped by. I'd complain to their office every single month. It was the same response, "and who are you and what property do we have listed?" Where I'd call Pepine Realty, and they'd answer the phone, "Well, hello, Byron. How are you doing?" And then she calls me from time to time and says let's try to do this and different promotions that we're going to do to help promote the properties. I already have recommended it to several people down here in the area who's giving her a call.”

Byron Teerlink, Economy Auto Repair