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How Pepine Commercial Uses Technology

In a time period where autonomous vehicles roam the streets and flying cars are being released to the public, the future that many predicted to be decades away seems as if it is right in front of our eyes. Many businesses are struggling to stay on top of trends.

Pepine Commercial, however, has remained ahead of the curve to provide you with the highest quality realty services. Here are some of the main ways Pepine Realty is using cutting-edge technology:

Big Data Analytics

Data analysis is the backbone of every growing business. Big data was invented to analyze a business’s mass amount of computerized information. Its main purpose is to make smarter decisions and more effective predictions for organizations. By understanding and incorporating big data analytics, companies can let programs not only do their work for them but even analyze it to give meaningful direction. As we enter the era of technology, understanding this trend is pivotal to a company’s success.

At Pepine Commercial, we have access to hundreds of databases that we are able to utilize to target thousands of individuals who would be specifically interested in buying your property. We use tools that allow us to target the perfect individual on all different media including social media, email, and more.

Artificial Intelligence in Business

AI is proving to be the stepping stone to the future. The main purpose of artificial intelligence is to copy human behavior and even improve it. By employing the right AI technology, a business can gain the ability to save time and money automating a routine process. Doing this will increase productivity and operational efficiencies and help avoid common mistakes and ‘human error’.

Cognitive insight is a superior form of AI that uses algorithms to detect patterns in vast volumes of data and interpret their meaning. In other words, it’s data analytics on steroids. These applications are being used to predict what a particular customer is likely to buy, automate personalized targeting of digital ads, and more.

Pepine Commercial ensures our material are AI accessible and AI friendly. Our webpages and listings are easily readable by computers allowing us to reach even more people. Additionally, we employ AI as a tool to reach out to as many people who fit our criteria as possible.

The Internet of Things

Throughout the years, the IoT has proven to be one of the most important trends in technology. This key term refers to the networking of all kinds of things through the Internet. As the technology develops, IoT solutions have the ability to change the way we work and live in the future. For example, organizations will be able to leverage IoT technology to collect valuable data, stay ahead of the competition, and drive innovation.

IoT solutions are pivotal to the understanding of consumer behavior. With IoT, businesses have the ability to collect and analyze data from a wide array of outlets such as social media and internet usage. By implementing IoT into your business, you will be able to predict preferences and trends so that your business can offer personalized services for better engagement.

Pepine Commercial implements these tools to gather information that allows us to find the best place for your business. We look at exposure to traffic, location and distance from similar businesses, and more to find the perfect place for you.


Pepine Commercial is the best option for your commercial needs because we excel at what we do. With experienced Realtors and a team of marketers who stay on top of significant trends, we will ensure the greatest return on investment.