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Pepine Commercial

Economics Driven Realty

As a top commercial brokerage in Alachua County, Pepine Realty has been identified as one of the top ten companies in Alachua County of Commercial Sales. 

Our Commercial Division has always provided quality care to customers seeking assistance with buying, selling, or leasing commercial properties. The division offers assistance with commercial sales and leasing across all asset categories (office, retail, industrial, multi-family, warehouse, vacant land etc.) as well as commercial real estate consulting.

Tech City in Alachua, FL near Gainesville for startups.

Commercial Services

Basic Commercial Services

  • Buying Commercial Real Estate
  • Selling Commercial Real Estate
  • Leasing Commercial Real Estate
  • Developers/Site Location Services
  • Business Brokerage

Additional Commercial Services

  • 1031 Exchange Specialists
  • Real Estate Investor Fund Group
  • Commercial Broker Price Opinions
  • Dynamic Service Delivery Program

Pepine Commercial

"Economics Driven Real Estate"

 Simply “The Right Business in The Right Building in The Right Location” businesses succeed when the business maximizes demographics and economics resources. Our systems empowers building owners and investors to better target tenants who will take the best advantage of what the property has to offer. Are you targeting the highest potential tenants? Tenant success builds value in your property and grows rental rates. Additionally, it reduces tenant turnover.

At the core of the Economics Driven Real Estate is our strategic advantage of “Tri-Sector” Analysis, which integrates Real Estate, Demographic, and Economic analytics. This multi-faceted database is derived from dissimilar existing sources as well as new, innovative source mining methodologies. This potentially proprietary analytic system will give great insight through fresh quantitative / qualitative data to guide investment and business decisions. This three-way analytical linkage builds depth in real estate and business investment analysis based upon current and future economic drivers; a comprehensive insight for the region’s future. It will offer block by block or corridor or quad or entire city or county analysis and comparisons.


Pepine transforms real estate to maximize performance through real estate, economic and demographic analysis. The execution of the resulting analysis is through a successful and proven transformative four-element process.

Design, Economic Restructuring, Promotion and Organization – (DEPO)

  • Design – Road appeal and visibility, property layout, function, compliance, features, reconfiguration analysis – what are the trending concepts pertaining to the property type.
  • Economic Restructuring – What is the market the property serves, history, current and future trends for the area, commercial property repurposing, what are the limiting and extraordinary factors affecting the property – plan to offset, enhance or change the economics of the property – economic strategy. Enhance your existing or potential tenants – the better they do, the better you do. Linkage to entrepreneur programs, mentoring, SBDC, SCORE, City, County, Regional Economic Development programs.
  • Promotion – Real estate events, community events, and business events to generate interest, on-site traffic and use of the property – pop-up promotions – media followings, stories, and special events create a property image as “the place to be”.
  • Organization – Property, community, owner – build alliances to support the property by the target market. Non-profit interfaces, which are innovative, disruptive use of resources. Tenant care and nurturing through business development programs linkage such as SBDC, SCORE, CIED, GTEC mentoring programs and Entrepreneurial Boot Camp programs build better business, tenants and attracts attention to the property.

Services In-Depth

Pepine Realty is dedicated to finding customers the commercial spaces for sale in Florida. We make sure we each company’s goals for their new location. Our Commercial Realtors have extensive knowledge of the area and access to unique data and analytics information that allow us to find the best location for your business. The right building in the right location.

We pride ourselves in our quick turnover rate for commercial spaces, which are usually sold in less than a month. We will work with you to find out your selling goals and will use targeting to reach potential purchasers.

We will help you find the perfect location for your business or the perfect lessee by looking at extensive consumer data and area insights. We also provide tenant screenings to ensure individuals are reliable, trustworthy and serious about the transaction.

  • Landlord Representation
    • Targeted tenant recruiting – we go after best-fit tenants based upon our tri-sector data analysis.
    • Target market analysis to identity and focus on best tenant recruiting – highest, best use strategies.
    • Property positioning, repositioning and restructuring through physical elements, tenant mix and support, promotion and event activities, which maximize tenant recruiting and success. Existing tenant growth programs – SBDC, CIED, GTEC, SCORE.
  • Tenant Representation
    • Property selection for the best business fit using our three analysis aspects
    • Physical use application assessment – “Is this the right space for you?”
    • Negotiation to secure the best rates, terms and conditions – “Is this the best deal for you?”
  • Landlord Support Programs
    • Property Management Program
    • Property Maintenance Program
    • Property Make-Ready Program

 Pepine identifies high potential development sites, business and franchise site locations

  • Pepine works with clients to establish a clear matrix of best site attributes to generate quick search results.
  • Site selection based upon analysis of aspects of real estate; property characteristics, economics and demographics, growth trends.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of development processes reduces due diligence time factors to lesson unseen consequences.

Exchange property locator services

  • Establish exchange match matrixes to quickly match criteria to meet owner / inventers 1031 requirements.
  • Pepine sells businesses through market listings related to industry sector, size and performance.
  • Pepine’s Business Consulting addresses aspects such as business operations, industry sector analysis, real estate and equipment elements, economic trends and market demographics affecting value.
  • Specialized services create plans of how to prepare the business for sale – processes to maximize value.
  • Business strategies range from straight sales contracts to employee buyouts to seller financing considerations and structured options such as “sale and lease back” programs.
  • Pepine maintains a matrix of investor preferences. Pepine tracks investment criteria and match opportunities to matrix members
  • Wholesale programs
  • Analysis services for investments based upon proprietary systems, in-depth insight and vision for investors
  • What is it worth?
  • How can you increase its value?
  • Trends in the market and how they affect value.

These services are delivered in systematic processes, customize for specific performance.

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